We at MARS are grateful to all of you who have joined the 1250 Club.

Your donations will help tremendously toward our goal of building a new Wildlife hospital.

We still have a long way to go to raise enough funds to build a new wildlife hospital. 

The 1250 Club will continue to welcome new members until we reach our goal. 

Jill Ackerman on behalf of Ed & Marilyn Ackerman
Airtight Clothing
Liz Aldridge in memory of Auntie Ruth
Linda Aranas in memory of Victor Tavares
Kathleen Joan Atkinson
Diane Barrett in memory of Judy Gould
Theodore Bartlett
Union Bay Aerobic Club in memory of Joan Walsh

Lynda Blackbourn
Nancy Bock
Barbara Borgnino
Barbara Borgnino on behalf of Chloe Zambon, Kai Borgnino, Taj Borgnino & Zack Borgnino
Kyle Berry

Edith Bevington
Stephen Bevington
Joyce Blackbourn in memory of Maj
Roberta Bobby in memory of Terry Bobby
Linda Broadbent
Helen Brown
Dan Buchan
Courtenay CADORA
Brian Caldwell
Kathryn Campbell in memory of Maj Birch
Bailey Carew
Monica Carew

Joseph Carr
Stephen Chessor in honour of Laura Chessor
Russell Clark in honour of Trisha Stovel
Brian Clease in memory of Carol Ann Dwyer
Kathryn Clouston on behalf of Patricia Clouston
Coastland Veterinary Hospital in memory of Maj Birch
Victoria Coffey in memory of Frank Coffey
Comox Physiotherapy Clinic
Comox Valley Airport YQQ
David & Deborah Couling on behalf of Jim Matthew & Gail Morgan
Janet Craig in honour of those who love and care for all critters in need

Judy Davidson in memory of Maj Birch
Dan & Wendy Davies

Dan & Wendy Davies on behalf of Jack Davies, Megan Davies, Roy Bartlett & Alison Bartlett
Nan Davis in memory of Maj
Cyriel Debruyne
In memory of Jacqulyn Doherty
Lizbeth Donaldson in memory of Maj Birch
Jacqueline Dryden in memory of Ellen McTaggart
Patricia Duke in memory of Maj
Jutta Eger and Dave Tingley on behalf of Grape Expectations
Leslie & Joan Ellenor
Ronelle Ellis
Phillip Erven
Gail Eskelson
Elizabeth Finch in memory of Sidney Hibberson & Barley Parsons
Gail Forbes in memory of Maj Birch
Jim & Pearl Frazer
Diana & Terry Fright
Kent & Leslie Giebelhaus

Mike Gladman in memory of Maj Birch
Judy Goldschmidt in honour of Marcia Goldschmidt Kratz
Sue Hamilton
Chris Hansen

Karen Hansen in honour of Maj Birch
Janine Harris in memory of Fraser McAllan
Wendy Harris in honour of NIC ASD Office
Katie Healey in honour of Ecofish Research Ltd.
Ruth Hibberson
Shirley Hibberson
Barry Hill
Lynda Hodgkinson on behalf of Bryan Hogg
Lynda Hodgkinson in memory of her parents Marjorie & Bruce Hogg
Laura & Ken Hoffman in memory of Maj
Hornby Eagle Group
Julie Hunt on behalf of Kennedy Elizabeth McLean
Interfor Corporation
Jane Irwin in honour of Maureen Irwin
Bruce Izard
Paul Jackman in memory of his mother Leona
Rose Jacobson
Peter Jakubowski
Brian & Dorothy Jayne in memory of Maj Birch
Louise Johnson

Malcolm Jolly in memory of Maj
Bruce Jones
Krista Kaptein in memory of Maj Birch
Dwight Kayto
Georgina Kehler
Cathy Kenning
Carolyn Kirk-Albert in honour of Ailey, Maira & Kieran Vnes
Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures Ltd.
Wendy Kotilla in memory of Maj Birch
Kim Kreiger

June Laird
Vanessa Laurin
Delbert & Sharron Lewis
Linda Mabee in memory of Maj Birch
Lynda Macovichuk
Glenn MacKenzie in honour of Simba MacKenzie
Marina MacTavish on behalf of Duncan MacTavish
Judy McMaster
Heather Magee in memory of Maj
Tom Malloch in memory of Maj
Diane Lynn Marince in memory of Bald Eagle 034
James Martin in memory of Maj
Rev Charles & Martha Massey
Marjorie Matthews in memory of Glen Matthews
Frances Mattson
Anita McCabe in memory of Maj Birch
Alice McCarroll in memory of Maj
Linda McCluskey in memory of Mike McCluskey

Jeannine McCormack
Paul McCormack in memory of Maj
The McKechnie Family
Pearl McKenzie on behalf of Andrea McKenzie
Freda Meeres in memory of Terry Doherty
Carolyn Miller in memory of Maj Birch

Jeff Mitchell in Honor of Finn Fuerstenberg
Carol Milo
Christen Moffatt in memory of Maj
Richard Moore in memory of Maj Birch
Scoot Moore in memory of Maj Birch
Jode Morgan
Bernie & Eileen Morin in memory of Maj Birch
Heather Morris in memory of Smeagol the Cat
Carol Muirhead in memory of Catherine Parkinson
Steph Nathan
Nashville Cat Clinic in honor of Alone
Berne Neufeld

Beth Newman on behalf of Devon & Kevin Adamson, Patrick Fewtrell & Christine Adams in memory of their Father Frank Fewtrell
Nobody’s Story
Robin Oetgen in memory of Maj Birch
Barbra Ongarato in memory of Jack (John) Ongarato
Mary Osberg
Gina Ouellette
Melanie Owen-Jones on behalf of Scotiabank Comox BC
Lesley & Erin Ozero in honour of their Mom Nancy on her birthday
Emma Payton in honour of Debra Hughes
Shirley Peerenboom in memory of Maj Birch
Jo-anne Pelletier in memory of her father Ralph “Speed” Durnin
Margaret Perigo in memory of Maj Birch
Tom Perigo in honour of Margaret Perigo
Rider, Christa, Wilder & Vienna Petch
Gerry Powers
Nancy Preston in memory of Maj Birch
Barbara Price on behalf of Maddy Bentley & Joe Turner
Michelle Redhead
Kent D. Reesor
Wes & Deana Richardson
Ian Roberts
John Robertson in memory of Maj
Betty Robertson in memory of Maj
Gloria Rolfsen in honour of Dale Rolfsen
Andrea & Ken Rowe
Steve & Vivian Ruskin in memory of Maj Birch
Linda Rutherford on behalf of Jillian Rutherford
Chelsea Sanders on behalf of Muzz Sanders
Jill & Roger Sandwell in memory of Audrey & Bob Williams & Joan Sandwell

Dick Schoonmaker
Sandy Schruder
Scotiabank Comox Plaza Branch
Seaproof TV in memory of David Stovel
Karen Shelton & Jeff Foss

Oyster Shores B&B
Laura Siemens in honour of Maj
Katherine Smith in memory of David Menzel & Edna Radke
Roslyn Smith in honour of Bob Hauser
Nicholas Solohub in memory of Anne, Nick & Cal Solohub
Patricia Spooner on behalf of Taite Marcoux
Seine Boat Inn
Shamrock Veterinary Clinic in memory of Maj
Michele & Raymond St. Denis
Simon Stevenson
Jo & Ian Stiles on behalf of Ann Andrews
Jayda Strussi

Gerry Sugiyama
Kirk Sundby
Susan Sundby
Barbara Swanston in memory of Terence Swanston
Barbara Swanston in honour of Maj Birch
Barbara Swanston on behalf of Michael Swanston, Jen Swanston & Dash Rogers
Barbara Swanston in memory of Maj Birch
Jen Swanston in honour of Barbara Swanston
Doug Taylor & Penny Dutton in memory of Brent Arnold
Fiona Taylor
Kary Taylor
Kary Taylor in memory of Olga Berry
Les & Marion Thomas in memory of Maj Birch
Mike & Gill Thompson in memory of Maj
Eileen Thornton-Jones

Janet Thorson & Brian Mitchell
Katrin Tooley in memory of Maj Birch
Jared Towers in memory of Maj Birch
Daniel Tutt in memory of Maj Birch
Van Isle Veterinary Hospital in memory of Maj
Charles & Amanda Vaughn
Joan Verhey in memory of Maj Birch
Derek Vinge
Pat Wagar in memory of Maj Birch
Holly & Bob Walker

Judith Walker in memory of Maj
Susan Ward
Shelly Ware
Warren Warttig
Eric Watts

Jill Werk in memory of Maj Birch
The Whiteside Family
Alex Wile in memory of Maj Birch
Elizabeth Williams in memory of Maj Birch
Ray & Maureen Windsor in honour of Jeffrey Moore
Laurie Winstone

Kathie Woodley & Bill Heidrick in memory of Dr. Bob Woodley
Tish Woodley in memory of Dr. Bob Woodley
Maureen Woodruff
Arthur Woodruff
Woofy’s Pet Foods Courtenay BC
Woofy’s Pet Foods Comox BC
Woofy’s Pet Foods East Courtenay BC
Woofy’s Pet Foods Willow Point BC
Timothy Yan in memory of Maj Birch
Arwen & Perino Zambon in memory of Maj Birch
The Zimmerman Family