Invasive Plant Removal Tool Lending Library

Our lending library was made possible by a generous grant from the Comox Valley Community Foundation. Why is it important to remove and replace aggressive non-native plants? Invasives such blackberries, broom, holly, and ivy outcompete native plant species, decreasing habitat and biodiversity of native flora and fauna. Local stewardship groups, including the team at MARS, put time and energy into removing invasive plants and replacing them with native species. 

Tool Inventory

Extratigator Classic
with BigFoot plate

Total weight: ~14 lbs
Height: 48″
Jaw capacity: 2″
Minimum pull ratio: 12:1 (eg. apply 10 lbs to end of handle, and 120 lbs of pulling force is applied to plant)

Quantity available: 4

This tool will remove most woody-stemmed plants from paper thin up to 2” in diameter. The BigFoot increases the platform foot print and leverage while resisting sinking into soil and adding stability. Great for sandy, rocky, or super-soft soil conditions.

Convenient features: automatic opening clog-free jaws, comfortable foam grip, ratcheting design

Extratigator Junior
with BigFoot plate

Total weight: ~11 lbs
Height: 36.5″
Jaw capacity: 1.5″
Minimum pull ratio: 9:1 (eg. apply 10 lbs to end of handle, and 90 lbs of pulling force is applied to plant)

Quantity available: 3

The Junior shares the same profile as the Classic but is made from thinner material with a shorter handle. The jaws of the Junior open from a complete close to 1.5” and is recommended for plants under 1” in diameter. Comes with the BigFoot plate.

Convenient features:  automatic opening clog free jaws, lightweight, comfortable foam grip, ratcheting design

PowerGear Super Pruner/Loppers

Weight: .9 lbs
Length: 15″
Blade type: Bypass
Maximum cutting capacity: 1-1/4″ diameter branches.

Quantity available: 2

Smaller and lighter than other loppers, reducing strain on your hands, wrists and muscles. Gears multiply leverage.

Control Bypass Loppers

Weight: 1.8 lbs
Length: 24″
Blade type: Bypass
Maximum cutting capacity:  1-1/2″ diameter branches

Quantity available: 3

Designed for smooth, easy cuts. Lightweight, shorter handles makes it easy to maneuver when cutting at tough angles. Shock-absorbing bumpers help eliminate the jarring. Secure, comfortable grip. 

Folding Pruning Saw

Weight: 6 oz
Length: 12″ open; 6″ blade
Blade type: 3-sided Japan teeth
Handle: rubber grip
Maximum cutting capacity:  6″ diameter branches

Quantity available: 3

Compact folding saw with a curved chrome-plated Japanese steel blade for cutting woody shrubs and trees. Cuts on the pull stroke. Lightweight, compact & comfortable.

Blade is sharp and strong. Take caution opening and closing blade.


Sizes: Medium, large. 

Leather resists puntures by thorns.

Quantity available: 5 pairs 


Size: 8′ x 10′

Useful for hauling cut invasives out for disposal.

Quantity available: 3

Collapsible Reusable 
Yard Waste Bags

Volume: 72 gallons
Height: 30″
Diameter: 26″
Carrying capacity: 150 lbs
Maximum cutting capacity:  6″ diameter branches

Made of UV stabilized, tear-resistant, and water repellent fabric. Handles make it easy to carry to carry invasives from an area.

Quantity available: 3

    Large Capacity Heavy-duty
    Bulk Bag

    Measurements: 35″ (L) x 35″ (W) x 40″ (H)
    Volume: 200 gallons
    Carrying capacity: 2000 lbs 

    Large capacity, tough bag for dragging large amounts of invasives from an area for disposal. Open top, flat bottom

    Quantity available: 1

    Borrowing Tools

    We have just started this tool lending library for the benefit of community members engaged in habitat stewardship in the Comox Valley and Campbell River. We appreciate your patience while we get organized. While we do not charge for tool borrowing, donations to MARS Wildlife Rescue are gratefully accepted.

    If you have questions about the invasives removal tool lending library, please email

    Request to Borrow Tools

    (Mobile preferred)
    Priority will be given to community groups in Comox Valley & Campbell River engaged in habitat restoration projects. If you are not part of a group, please request anyway and we will try to accommodate you.
    Typically, tools are available for one week loan. If you are engaged in a larger project, it may be possible to extend the time.
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    If you wish to request more than one of the tools at a time, please add details in the Notes and Questions section.
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