Virtual School Tours

Teachers and organizational leaders, are you ready to take your group on a virtual field trip to MARS? Learn about birds and mammals, the obstacles they face, and how they have adapted to survive. Find out what you can do when you find an injured animal and ways you can help wildlife. Join Warren Warttig, a biologist and our Man from MARS, as he takes you on a trip to the wild side. Contact us, below.

Let’s Zoom! (or MSTeams)

Program 1: What a Hoot!
All about Owls– 45 minutes (includes time for questions)
Meet a variety of owls that make Vancouver Island their home, and what makes them unique. You will also be introduced to some of our ambassador birds and will learn which ones are nocturnal, crepuscular, or diurnal.

Program 2: Chirp, Chirp!
Spring Wildlife – 45 minutes (includes time for questions)
You will learn why and how baby animals come to MARS. You may also have an opportunity to meet some of our avian patients that are being cared for in our hospital. Some are precocial, but many are altricial…what does that really mean?

Warren (the Man from MARS) with ambassador bird Lanei.
Ginny is coordinator and provides tech support.

Supporting MARS

We are a non-profit organization and donations are what keep our hospital running. Classes and community groups support us in a variety of ways.  We are inspired by the creativity and compassion of our youngest visitors.

Here’s how some groups have supported us:

  • making and selling book marks with wildlife art
  • bake sales (Muffins for MARS!)
  • car washes
  • bringing refundable bottles
  • gathering items from our hospital wish list
  • fundraising for our current focus on our Ways to Help page

We know that behind these efforts are dedicated teachers–we are grateful for all you do to educate the next generation of wildlife champions.

Contact Us

Virtual Visits

In 2021, we provided remote tours for over 500 students, parents, and teachers. Our virtual tours have reached classrooms as far away as Quebec as well as people throughout the United States and Japan. We look forward to seeing you!