Ever Thought About Volunteering?


Your timing couldn’t be better!

As our patient numbers grow year to year, MARS is undergoing a massive expansion. We need a host of new volunteers with lots of different skills. In May 2017 we moved from our cramped little wildlife rescue in the woods to a spectacular new 11-acre $1.5 million facility in Merville, BC. MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre now houses a wildlife hospital, ambassador bird aviaries, deer, swan, and raccoon recovery enclosures, and now a large bird flight pen. Additionally, we have a welcoming visitor building with gift shop and exhibits hall, native plant meadows and trails, and a wetland viewing area. In the coming years, we’re hoping as many as 60,000 guests will attend our centre for tours, shopping, and education. As you can imagine, that is going to mean a lot more work and we will need a lot more volunteers in all positions.


Did you know?

… MARS Wildlife Rescue depends almost exclusively on volunteers? It’s true. There are over a 100 volunteers working at MARS, filling every position imaginable.

At the Wildlife Hospital, we have positions for wildlife caregivers, ambassador bird caregivers, housekeeping volunteers, and transportation volunteers. We also accept work experience volunteers.  We literally could not treat the 1100+ patients of 2020 without the generosity of all these individuals. And of course, even if you’ve had no experience working in a wildlife hospital setting, our professional wildlife rehabbers will teach you what to do.

At the Visitor Centre, we need gift shop volunteers, guides to tour our guests, and people from all walks of life to work with the education and fund-raising program. We also depend on volunteers for on going property restoration and development. We are looking for people with special skills: gardeners, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heavy-duty machinery operators, labourers, and shovelers, too

Or perhaps you have a skill we didn’t even know we needed!

So why not give it a go, join us and share in this incomparable opportunity to be in service to wild nature. For volunteering at the Wildlife Hospital contact us here. For Visitor Centre volunteering, contact us here.