Ever Thought About Volunteering?


Your timing couldn’t be better!

MARS is undergoing a massive expansion and we need a host of new volunteers with lots of different skills. In May 2017 we moved from our cramped little wildlife rescue in the woods to a spectacular new 11-acre $1.5 million facility in Merville, BC. The new MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre now houses a wildlife hospital, ambassador bird aviaries, deer and swan enclosures the recently completed Visitor Building, and now a large bird flight pen. Additionally, over the next three years, we’re hoping as many as 60,000 guests will attend and enjoy our new visitors building and the planned scenic trails and wetland viewing areas. As you can imagine, that is going to mean a lot more work and we will need a lot more volunteers in all positions.


Did you know?

The MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre depends almost exclusively on volunteers? It’s true. There are over a 100 volunteers working at MARS, many of them active members filling every position imaginable.

At the Hospital, we have cage cleaners, maintenance workers, cage builders, sewers, food preparers, foragers, wildlife caregivers and student volunteers all donating their time, energy and expertise. We literally could not treat the 900+ patients of 2019, without the generosity of all these individuals. And believe it or not, if you’re comfortable handling birds and animals, our wildlife caregivers can teach you how to do that too.
Needless to say, the new MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre has pushed demand for volunteers to a whole new level.

At the Visitor Building, we need gardeners, clean-up crews, gift shop people, guides to tour our guests, and people from all walks of life to work with the education program.

From fundraising experts, to grant application writers, and computer geeks, we need you all.

And we have lots of volunteer positions that require skills that can be taught such as ambassador handlers, or special events people.

For the on going property development, we need people with special skills: gardeners, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, heavy-duty machinery operators, labourers, and shovelers.

Or perhaps you have a skill we didn’t even know we needed!

These are all good reasons to contact us directly and speak with the MARS volunteer coordinator about all the different positions available. So why not give it a go, join us and share in this incomparable opportunity to be in service to wild nature!


Many reasons to volunteer for MARS

The truth is, people volunteer at MARS for a lot of different reasons. For instance, ask any wildlife caregiver what they love most about their work and they will tell you it is the satisfaction they receive when an injured, ill or orphaned bird or animal is returned home. The “release” videos posted on Facebook and on YouTube are habitually our most viewed, most loved and most talked about. Other volunteers want to give back to the community while some simply enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded people and the fact that MARS is a busy hub.

There is no right reason for volunteering, but sometimes it’s not enough to just love wild nature, sometimes it’s necessary to step up and help wild nature. If you are one of these people we’d love to hear from you.