Become a Member

A MARS membership is a great way of getting a little bit more involved with the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre. It’s a way of saying you care and shows you are willing to step up and make your support concrete.

Membership entitles you to attend the Annual General Meeting held each year in May. You can help elect MARS board members and vote on the principles and policies that guide the MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre. You will also receive our eNewsletter. Having a strong membership base also helps demonstrate our organization’s support in the community when we apply for grants.

Most of all, you will be helping us to help wildlife on northern Vancouver Island. Your fee goes towards the care and rehabilitation of injured, ill or orphaned wildlife.

Please complete and submit the information below to become a new member or to renew your membership. 

Memberships are renewed every February by end month. New memberships taken out after October 1st will be valid for one year after the following February.