As you all know, we at MARS have had a very challenging spring with the influx of many raccoons, kits & fawns.
These babies have many different stories and some are memorable.
The raccoon kit seen climbing on one of our caregivers in a previous picture had been kept inside in a bedroom for 3 weeks before being surrendered to us. He was very habituated to people by this well-meaning person.
We are grateful that they did the right thing and surrendered this animal to us.
The youngster climbing the tarp-topped cage is this same previously habituated kit but 3 weeks later he has had medications & inoculations against parasites, is wilder, has raccoon buddies, a new cage and isn’t interested in approaching people anymore.
When he’s older we will be able to release him in a wilderness area and he will know he is a raccoon.
We have had a building spree in the last 2 weeks to accommodate all the new raccoon kits with help from generous donors. Now that some kits are self-feeding, they were able to be placed in a newly refitted cage this week where they immediately climbed straight up the walls just like a wild raccoon kit would do to escape danger or humans.
We hope to be able to share more happy wildlife moments with you as these babies grow up.
Many thanks to all who have been able to donate recently. You have made a big difference to the survival of the 2018 crop of kits & fawns.