Our non-releasable bird ambassadors represent not only their species and our wildlife rescue, but all wildlife at risk. To support the work we do, we welcome you to symbolically adopt one of these beautful birds for one month, for $100.

What to do: Look at all the ambassadors on this page. Choose the bird you’d like to adopt, then click the ADOPT button to get to the Canada Helps page. Once there,

  • select donation amount ($100)
  • under FUND, select choice 3
  • under Write a private message to us, record the bird’s name, and the recipient’s name and address.

The remaining information on the page will allow you to pay and recieve your tax receipt.


Red-tailed Hawk

Thank you for helping us help wildlife, one patient at a time.

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Western Screech Owl


Bald Eagle


Bald Eagle


Barred Owl

Kokish and Nimpkish

Albino American Crows