Homes (aviaries) for education ambassador birds are on the must-have list for the new MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre. These permanent residents, five owls, two Bald eagles and one Red-Tailed hawk, make regular visits to schools in the Comox Valley and Campbell River areas on northern Vancouver Island.  They are favourites at local community events and fundraisers where their volunteer handlers field scores of questions about the protection and preservation of local wildlife and wildlife habitat.

“Donations of money, labour and materials tell us people care about wildlife and want to help,” said MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre President Warren Warttig.

“We are hoping more companies and organizations will help us build these homes for the ambassadors.”

MARS ambassador birds require special wooden aviaries. These birds cannot be released because they can’t fend for themselves in the wild.

Several companies have already stepped forward to help build some of the ambassador cages but sponsorship is still available for both ambassador and recovery cages.

  • Sawyer, an adorable Northern Saw-Whet owl, has a patron in Western Forest Products.  The coastal British Columbia forest company has donated $6,500 to build Sawyer a home. 

  • Marine Harvest Canada, operators of three west coast salmon processing plants, has made a $10,300 donation to give Horus a Red-Tailed hawk room to spread his wings.

  • Campbell River Daybreak Rotary members have donated $6500 for buildings materials to construct a home for Otus Junior, a Screech owl.

  • Courtenay and District Fish and Game Protective association, which promotes conservation and sustainable management and use of natural resources, has donated $6,000 to give Lanni, another Screech owl, a new place to live.

Sponsorships are still available to fund…

  • A large cage for our resident Bald Eagles, Humpty and Hyacinthe, with a projected $35,000 cost.

  • A mid-sized home for Shakespeare, a Barred Owl with a projected cost of $10,300

  • A small aviary for Brinley, our famous Great Horned Owl which has a project cost of $6,500

  • Enclosures and pens for recovering animal care ranging from $6,500 to $10,300.

If you would like more information about sponsoring  a home for one of our ambassador birds, please call us at 250 337-2021.



Humpty & Hyacinthe

Sawyer - Saw-Whet Owl

[/media-credit] Sawyer

Ambassador Red Tailed Hawk Horus


Ambassador Owl Otus

Otus Junior

Lanni Screech Owl

[/media-credit] Lanni

Ambassador Owl Shakespear