Maj was interviewed November 21 by one of the CFAX 1070 Victoria radio hosts about the influx of Snowy Owls on Vancouver Island. We’ve had four owls brought to us, but they’ve been in such poor condition that only one has survived. He has been called Oscar and is slowly being introduced to solid food again. He’s tube fed every four hours, even through the night and it will be a long recovery for him if he survives. Towards the end ambassadors Brinley (Great Horned Owl), Shakespeare (Barred Owl) and Horus (Red-Tailed Hawk) are pictured. The videos show Reg feeding Oscar, then spraying him for parasites with Marielle’s help. (these videos were taken with a GoPro camera, given to Reg by a member of the Hornby Eagle Group Projects Society — HEGPS) Pat S. is shown assisting with the Trumpeter Swan.

Note: We have since received two more Snowy Owls and one has survived. We are also caring for two Trumpeter Swans and a Tundra Swan; these birds also migrate from the Arctic.