On June 9 MARS needed some help to get an injured eagle to our facility and we called on a faithful volunteer to come to the rescue!

CHEK News June 9, 2015

“Chopper pilot Norm Snihur has flown 1223 animal rescues

Norm Snihur spent over five hours in the air on Monday, transferring or rescuing numerous animals including an eagle.

The bird was found injured on a remote island north of Quadra Island and a rescue organization in Merville called Norm.

Since 1993, Snihur has flown 1223 rescue missions or animal transfers and he has never charged a dime for his time.

That includes his small helicopter that costs over $300 an hour to fly.

“Yes it’s all volunteer. The wildlife centres all depend on volunteers of all kind and of course I volunteer my helicopter” said


The retired commercial pilot says numerous animals have flown shotgun with him over the year. “Well anything I can carry.

I’ve carried eagles, owls, small mammals, over 300 seal pups, beaver, mink, I’ve never carried bear because most of them are too big” said Snihur.

He crashed a helicopter once and even had an eagle get loose in the cockpit, injuring an elderly volunteer before he could land.

The Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society uses Norm’s services for distant or remote rescues. “For the distant rescues Norm is our most valuable volunteer. Yeah, he’s an incredible man to fly all over the place, he loves the animals.”

At 76 years old, he is still going strong and expects a busy summer ahead.”