Join The Flight Club!

MARS has launched a new campaign called “The Flight Club” to help us build an essential structure for recovering birds.

Treating an injury is the first step toward recovery but strengthening muscles in order to sustain flight is also a vital part of the process and we desperately need to build a 120′ x 40′ x 24′ flight cage. The structure must be large enough to accommodate eagles, swans, great blue herons and numerous others as they strengthen and condition their bodies in preparation for a return to the wild. We will also be able to divide and compartmentalize the interior to separate some species when some are predators and some are prey. Camouflaged portals will enable visitors to observe & study them without causing any stress.

A donation of $100 or more will make you a member of the Flight Club and you will receive a certificate and virtual wings. The certificate can be in your name or another of your choosing. Just be sure to leave a comment specifying your wishes when you make your donation.