MARS Volunteers were out on the NEW MARS property on Sunday Bashing BROOM, an evil invasive plant spreading its yellow death up the coast of Vancouver Island.  If you want to help – BASH Broom in BLOOM, pick up garbage, in fact don’t put garbage out there in the first place.  Re-cycle Re-duce and Re-use, re-invent, re-purpose.

Don’t pollute: the air WE breathe, the Water we WE drink, the lands WE till to nourish us. Take a walk on the WILD Side and enjoy nature.  Use public Transit. Your children’s children’s children will thank you. We all belong to the EARTH.

Please support MARS to help us build a NEW wildlife hospital for  Northern Vancouver Island.  Every donation helps us Help Wildlife Recover.  Don’t forget MARS Garage Sale May 9th. Call us if you have items to contribute.