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Maj received a call in the evening of May 29th about an eagle tangled in kite string in a tree in Royston. The eagle was at least 40′ up and it became obvious that a tree climber was necessary. At 6 am the next morning everyone assembled to watch Steve Harding of Timberwolf Tree Service, in Campbell River, climb up and free the eagle. He did this on his own time, as he has done in the past, for other birds.

The eagle is now in our care and will be monitored for any lasting damage. Once he has some rest and a respite from the stress of being trapped for at least 10 hours, hanging by one wing, we can assess his condition better. He has been designated Timberwolf, in honour of Steve.

Please remember, we never know what effect we are having on the wildlife around us – be careful around trees, especially. This apparently harmless kite string would have caused a lingering death for the eagle if he hadn’t been spotted.


Reg was recently called out to rescue a baby Barred owl that fell out of its nest in a heavily forested area. He made the decision, since the parent was nearby, to place the baby in an improvised nest, a well-protected stump, trusting the parents to continue to feed and nurture it. This is preferable to bringing the baby into rehab since he can still learn the skills he needs from his parents.


Semi was rescued on New Years Eve 2012 after hitting the windshield of a semi trailer truck. She had a broken pelvis, but it has healed well and she has always felt the need to tell us how she feels. So here is her story…


Baby Blue Heron Rescue