Sponsor a Building at MARS

As MARS grows, so does our need for specialized buildings and recovery pens. Would you, your service club, or company like to help us?  Some groups like to take part in construction as a team-building activity. Sponsorship of partial or full costs of materials for any of these buildings is most welcome:

  • For fawns, we require three upgraded and expanded holding pens along with security sheds, and a specialized treatment building
  • For raccoon, marten, beaver, and river otter, we require three additional recovery pens
  • For waterfowl and marine birds we require aquatic recovery pools and a specialized treatment building
  • For our educational (ambassador) Bald Eagles, we require a 20’w X 100’L X 16′ H mews (wildlife enclosure)

Thousands of donors have helped MARS to date. We appreciate every donation–large or small.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about becoming a sponsor.