Join the 1250 Club

MARS rescues and rehabilitates wildlife from all over northern Vancouver Island – from south of the Comox Valley to beyond Port Hardy as well as the nearby mainland and gulf island. This is a very large area and our caseload has doubled recently from an average of 400 per year to almost 800 this year. We have run out of room and must build a new wildlife hospital.

If 1250 people each donate $100 we can build this hospital. Please donate now, become a member of the “1250 Club”, and we’ll send you a certificate of membership in your name. If you wish to make a gift of membership, please tell us the name that should be on the certificate.

1250 people X $100 = Wildlife Hospital

Almost all of our wildlife patients have been harmed by human activity, e.g. collided with vehicles, attacked by dogs or cats, poisoned by our garbage or lost their food source or nesting area because of development. Check out the rest of our website to see the wide variety of animals and birds that need our help.

The problem is that there is no room at our existing facility for all these additional patients. A generous bequest from Michele Woodrow and additional donations enabled us to purchase some land nearby. And now we’re raising money to build a wildlife hospital on this new property. A local timber frame company, Cascadian Wood Tech, has offered to build the hospital at cost, donating their own time and a lot of the materials. They estimate that a 1250 square foot hospital, with a simple design, can be built for $125,000; that’s $100 per square foot. If 1250 people were to donate $100 each, we could build our desperately needed hospital.

We hope you will be one of those people. When you make a donation of $100 we will send you a Certificate of Membership. Join this exclusive “1250 Club” by going to “Please Donate Now”. If you are making a gift of membership, you can include a message telling us the name of the person you would like on the certificate.

Names of “1250 Club” members will be included on our website page. After donating, there is space to leave a message requesting that your name not be made public, if you prefer to remain private. Thank you for helping wildlife.