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coopershawkHawk provides poignant memory
Ends up in garden plot of deceased patient

A young Cooper’s Hawk created a poignant memory at New Horizons Care Home Saturday before finding a safe haven with Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS).

On Saturday March 14, while transferring a resident to a van, care home nurse Melissa Ingram and a care aide saw a hawk at the front door of the care home. Surprisingly, the hawk stayed in place during the transfer, watching from about five feet away. After the van left, and Ingram approached the hawk, the raptor scurried into some ground cover and then flew into a tree.

On Sunday, Ingram found the same hawk roosting in the garden plot of that same resident who was being transferred and who had passed away. After consulting with MARS, Ingram was able to feed the hawk some raw hamburger, cover the bird with a light blanket, and then confine the hawk in a box. Ingram delivered the hawk to MARS Sunday evening. She also shared photos of the hawk and the story with the family of the resident who had passed away. “The daughter cried as I gave her photos of the hawk and she used the story in the service. This is truly a heart-warming story for us all,” Ingram said. MARS Supervisor of Wildlife Care Reg Westcott said the hawk is doing well and appears to have no injuries. He said the hawk is just under a year old, is underweight at approximately 300 grams but is feeding well, alert and responsive. Cooper’s Hawks should weigh up to 566 grams (1.5 pounds).

Westcott suspected the young hawk may have been attracted by the gardens at the care home or possibly by the pet budgies in the lobby, since Cooper Hawks in the wild feed on smaller birds. Or perhaps it was something else.

On Feb, 28, a Cooper’s Hawk flew into the service bays at Fountain Tire and stayed for four days. It left the facility after being attracted to a water drip set up to lure it out. For anyone wanting to learn more about Cooper’s Hawks and the rescue work done by MARS, the organization is holding an open house on April 11.

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