Giving Is Rewarding

The act of giving can be tremendously rewarding and June is the month of the Great Canadian Giving Challenge where every dollar donated online at “Canada Helps “ to any non- profit organization makes it eligible to win the grand prize of $10,000.

Last week, MARS received a particularly heart-warming donation from Owen McQueen of Comox who recently turned 8. Instead of gifts from his friends for his birthday party in April, Owen asked for contributions towards the donation he was saving for so that he could give to his favourite charities.

Owen donated online so that MARS has the opportunity to win the grand prize of $10,000, and he also paid a visit to the MARS facility where he was able to see some of the wildlife in care. Owen was particularly keen that his donation was used to help the baby creatures and as MARS are right in the midst of “baby season” the team at MARS were more than happy to oblige.

Owen’s Mom, Nicole, said” I have loved animals for as long as I can remember, so I’d say part of his interest is just genetic. Both he and his sister, Sarah, have always had a soft spot for animals. We have probably fostered their desire to help wildlife just by talking about organizations like MARS that help animals and also, how animals can’t help themselves in certain situations, so people have to.”

Owen is pictured alongside Brinley, a Great Horned Owl as she waves for the camera! The team presented Owen with a special certificate as an acknowledgement of his generosity and kindness.

For every $1 donated via or during June MARS will automatically get an entry for a chance to win. The more donations MARS receives during June, the more chances they have of winning.


MARS Wildlife Rescue is a charitable organization founded in 1995. Primarily run by volunteers, it is committed to the treatment and subsequent release of native wildlife that is ill, injured, orphaned or oiled. The vast majority of animals and birds that are in need of care are affected in some manner by human activities.
MARS provides a safe, stress-free environment, for ailing wildlife to recover. MARS also educates the general public about wildlife issue through lectures, displays, workshops, reports and publications. It is also committed to the conservation of wildlife and wildlife habitat.

MARS is dependent upon charitable donations in order to carry out their work.
For more information please contact:

Lynda Hodgkinson
250 331 2627 or at