MARS is often called to respond to distressed or injured wildlife on private property, in particular local farms in the area.

Yesterday we received a call about a swan that was unable to fly, but before entering the field, we contacted the land owner for permission. Although we were granted permission to enter, the owner stressed he didn’t want MARS to compromise any of the fencing he put up to keep people and deer off of his property, and to keep his cows from escaping. He went on to explain that he is constantly repairing holes in his fences made by people which results in unwelcome intruders. In one case, he had several cows get out. 

The point of this post is to please respect private property especially if the property is used as a means for making a living. If you see injured or distressed wildlife, call MARS and we will respond with the permission of the landowner.

We thank all those who care enough to let us know when an animal needs rescuing.