Eagles inspire monthly donor

Barbara Swanston’s love of eagles drew her to an Hornby Island eagle-cam and from there to the MARS wildlife rescue. The Campbell River, British Columbia resident was one of hundreds of eagle watchers connected by their computers to an eagle’s nest located high above the surrounding Georgia Strait. More than 600 observers mourned the loss of the lone eaglet that died in the nest that year.

MARS founder Mary Jane “Maj” Birch saw to the removal of the eaglet from the nest, her actions resulting in a flood of telephone calls and donations. “MARS had about six weeks of operating funds at the time,” said Swanston, who answered telephone calls from potential donors.

“Maj invited me to an eagle release at Rebecca Spit (on Quadra Island) and let me set the eagle free. I had never been that close to an eagle.”

And Swanston was hooked …

Swanston’s home became a test kitchen for MARS recipes as Maj continued her research to achieve better outcomes for raptors. “My husband and I made salmon smoothies, testing various formulas created by Maj.”

Swanston has also volunteered at Eaglefest in Campbell River and at the Kitty Coleman summer festival near Courtenay, BC. “MARS is a wonderful organization and the volunteers have big hearts so I am just happy to help in any way I can,” said Swantson, a much desired monthly donor.

NB: The new MARS Ambassador Sponsorship Certificate program is now underway and allows donors to provide funding to feed birds and animals at the rescue on a monthly basis.

If you’d like more information about this creative way of gifting at MARS please contact MARS at (250) 337-2021